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RATILIGHT Puck System | All in one

1 Flexible Filling Line | 100 different RATILIGHT Pucks | 1.000 different Formats


for safe and cost-effective bottle transport through flexible filling lines.

Special advantages:

  • Safe bottle transport even for unstable bottles
  • For bottles up to approx. 1.000 ml
  • High reliability of the line function
  • Defined speed regulation of the line
  • Well priced RATILIGHT Puck System
  • Bottle handling and filling without change parts
  • Rapid and easy change-over in the capping area
  • Enormous reduction of format part costs and delivery time
  • Light and machine friendly design 
  • Several bottle formats can be processed with the same RATILIGHT Puck
  • Distinction according to color and to identification number
  • Available from stock